How We Got Our Home Back From The Raccoons


My husband and I live in a beautiful Atlanta suburb. We wanted a place where we could spread out a bit and have a big family get-together if we wanted. We have several areas of trees all around our property and some woods to the west of our home. I expected to see a deer or two wondering around through the woods, perhaps even a fox, but I didn’t expect we would have anything like the animals we had in my home state of Tennessee.

One evening about 8 pm, I heard the worst thumping in the attic. We had only lived in the home for just about a month and I was a little leery when I heard the noise. I didn’t know what to do but I assumed it wasn’t a person, as there were no other entry points and the home was secure. We just assumed that we had some rodents in our attic and went about our evening.

Things were quiet for the next few days and then we heard the noise again. My husband said he was going to get some glue traps and get the rodents and set them free somewhere else. It was dark up there but he put about 10 traps up in that space. The next day the same noises were heard and the traps had the food removed, but they had been torn and there was animal hair on them, but no animal. I knew by looking at the hair that we had something grey living up there.

My neighbor gave me the number to a premier Atlanta Wildlife Removal specialist, and I counted down the hours until their appointment time. The man who came to my home was so knowledgeable about the area. He went upstairs to the attic and had special lights. He told us that there was several hundreds of dollars’ worth of damage to the insulation and there was an infestation of raccoons up in our attic.

He took the time to set down and explain to us the nature of the raccoons. He told us that the female goes up into the attics usually and has her young there. While we can trap the female raccoon in a humane trap and release her back into the wild, the babies have to be removed by hand. He was ingenious because he was right. Our attic was full of little babies. He took them down and then used them to trap the female that was nesting up there. He used them as bait and it worked and worked quickly. I was amazed at the wealth of knowledge that he had. Even more so, I was impressed that as busy as he was he took the time to sit down with us and explain how we can prevent this in the future.

When the raccoons were in our attic, their feces and urine was all over the place. We had to call out a special company to clean the area, remove the torn insulation and repair the damages. Why the home inspector didn’t catch this I don’t know, or possibly they moved in just about the same time we did. The wild life specialist found the entry point and we had it sealed off. Now nothing can get in that attic space again! If you’re looking for your own atlanta raccoon removal, please visit A All Animal Control’s website at